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Build confidence through Mr. Simon's mock interview with common questions from real job interviews

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How It Works

  • Grow in confidence by self-practicing your pitch and investor questions with Mr. Simon, the most non-intimidating career coach whatsoever.
  • Mr. Simon will be asking you questions investors will typically ask in a pitch event. Retry your answers as many times as you need, and then listen to your recordings.
  • Get your speakers and microphone ready! You will need them in order to experience Mr. Simon’s practice in full.
  • There is no fee for this version of Mr. Simon’s practice, so go ahead and enjoy it for as long as you need. And do leave your feedback if you have ideas how Mr. Simon can improve further!
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What our users say

I felt like I was being interviewed. I have anxiety and having an AI perform a mock interview. It was very useful for my confidence.
Rosemary F
Project Manager
Interviews can be an anxious time and that anxiety can create a barrier for creating a good impression. Recording the answers was useful because it allowed me to practice in a judgement free, relaxed, and controlled environment.
Jenny M
Customer Service
I found it helpful to speak my answers out loud, and not knowing what the questions were going to be.
Nathan B
Sales Executive
The ability to practice questions in an interview style environment was very helpful.
Audrey F
Single mom looking for part-time job
It's good for practicing questions. The list of potential questions to choose from was very thorough and helpful.
Bernard N
Mechanical Engineer
He posed questions like a real interviewer would.
Cameron S
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