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Practice. Build confidence. Have fun!


With help from Mr. Simon you will:

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Know your Key
Selling Points

It's not enough to be qualified for the job in today's competitive market. You also need to be able to "sell yourself".


Mr. Simon will extract key highlights from your answers, to show you your most relevant skills - your unique value proposition.

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Sharpen your

Some of us tend to ramble when under stress. Some are too shy and can't get the words out of their mouth. 

Based on your answers, Mr. Simon gives you suggestions for improvement and examples, so that your message is concise, strong, and relevant for the position.

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"So, tell me about yourself!" - ugh, what a dreadful question... :/


With feedback from Mr. Simon, you will adjust your talking points and vocabulary towards the job requirements, so you feel confident and equal in the interview conversation

You got this!

With the help of a wise AI career coach knowledgeable in your area of expertise -

yours truly Mr. Simon.

How it works — 3 simple steps:

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Start practicing, or review your previous interviews
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To practice, answer a round of 5 questions
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Review each evaluation, and improve as you go!
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See your interview performance improved already after your first 30 minutes of practice!

What kind
of feedback
can I get from Mr. Simon?

Mr. Simon analyzes your answers and provides you with the following feedback:

  • your key strengths for the job

  • areas where you can improve your answers

  • suggestions on how you can tune your answers to better reflect the relevance of your skills to the job

  • examples of how your improved answers may look like

Our job interview prep tool allows you to practice for 

  • a specific role

  • at a specific company

You can practice without specifying one or the other, but in this case, the questions will be more generic. We recommend that you enter at least the job title/role.


Based on your input, Mr. Simon will ask you the questions likely to be asked during the real interview.

And there is another benefit our users often mention: unlike human coaches, there is no need to schedule weeks or days in advance - Mr. Simon is available for you 24/7.

By the way, because he is not a human being, you will never feel intimidated - so relax and be yourself!

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"I hope you're ready to showcase your skills and impress me with your qualifications!"

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You can start building your interview skills and confidence right now

Did you know that:

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of job seekers

have experienced
interview anxiety

30 3.png

of interviewers made their decision about a job seeker within the first 5 mins of the interview

57 3.png

increase in the use
of online interviews
from 2019 – 2023

Who, or What is Mr. Simon, exactly?

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"He posed questions like a real interviewer would"

Surely you have already figured by now that Mr. Simon is a "what" rather than a "who".

Indeed - Mr. Simon is an app, designed by career coaches and AI* specialists to provide you with a self-paced yet disciplined way to prepare for your next job interview.

Through years of working with job seekers in group and individual sessions, our career coaches and instructors have identified a clear, step-by-step method that works effectively and provides results. 

Then our AI software engineers automated the interview prep part of the process by utilizing ChatGPT and other NLP* features, to allow our users to practice any time, from anywhere in the world, and get the same feedback a human coach would give them.

Make sure you have your microphone and speakers on, and your environment is sufficiently quiet - each interview is in audio format, just like a real conversation!


Listen to a question asked by Mr. Simon, then answer it the best you can - and review his personalized feedback and suggestions for this answer.


Feel free to incorporate his suggestions and retry each individual question as many times as you find necessary. After every new answer, you can review the updated feedback on each new version of the answer, or proceed to the next question.

You get better with every try - keep polishing your answers and prepare to shine your best in the upcoming interview!

* AI = Artificial Intelligence; NLP = Natural Language Processing


In addition, you will often find yourself smiling and enjoying the process along the way.


Be sure to bring this positive attitude to the actual interview with you, it helps with building a good, lasting impression!


Start building your interview skills now

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What our users say

Regional Director

I felt like I was being interviewed by a real person! I have anxiety, and having an AI perform a mock interview and evaluate my answers was very useful for my confidence. I especially loved the fact that Mr. Simon was ALWAYS available!

Project Manager

I used Mr. Simon to prepare for a job interview, and his suggestions greatly helped me re-think my responses, emphasize my strengths, and gain confidence. Very PRACTICAL, ACTIONABLE recommendations.


I searched interview prep via Google and found Mr. Simon. It was one of the best things to have happened during my job search and interview preparation. Great combination of both USEFUL AND FUN experience!

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JOIN more than 60,000 users worldwide

And hey! don't wait until the last minute

Give yourself at least a few hours of practice (and better a few days), to get used to your new CONFIDENT AND POSITIVE interviewing style
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